What is CRV?

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What is CRV?

CRV stands for “California Redemption Value” or “California Refund Value”.  It refers to some sort of fee added to the price of certain beverages that are available in grocery stores and outlets.  Beverages that have a CRV fee are labeled as such and refer to those with recyclable containers including containers made of plastic, glass, aluminum, and other metals.

When a particular customer for example buys a beverage on a plastic bottle labeled with “CRV”, he/she can redeem the CRV value by returning the bottle to a designated recycling center.  The system is like giving consumers some incentive to make them participate in recycling drives by the city or state.  This particular campaign is obviously intended to increase recycling awareness and involve the participation of the common person by giving them a form of reimbursement through the CRV.

But the CRV is actually a fee imposed on the beverage distributor.  Distributors are supposed to be the one to be paying the extra amount on the retail price of a particular beverage.  But this CRV fee is usually passed on to the store and to the consumers which creates the idea of “redeeming” CRV values from recyclable beverage containers.

Beverages that are covered under the CRV program include bottled water (whether carbonated or not), all types of soda or softdrinks, sports drinks, beer, coffee, tea, and some fruit juices in smaller containers.  For consumers who have the bottles and/or empty containers of these items, they just need to submit the items to designated recycling center for redemption of the CRV fee.  Milk products and infant formula meanwhile are not sold with CRV fee.  Other products that are sold without CRV are wines, distilled spirits, big bottles of vegetable and fruit juices, beverages that are not ‘ready to drink’, medical food items, and other beverage products that are not stored in either plastic, glass, or metal.

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