What is CMJ?

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What is CMJ?
CMJ stands for College Music Journal and is a music event best known for its annual festival held in New York City. This music fest is also known as the CMJ Music Marathon. It also launches the weekly magazine for and of the music industry as well as the college radio stations. The coverage of CMJ is the United States and Canada.

The other essential functions of the College Music Journal include publishing the top 30 song lists submitted by the different radio stations. In order to participate, the stations are required to have a subscription costing a few hundred dollars in an annual payment term. The lists published by the CMJ are also sent to other important entities in the music industry such as the PR representatives and the recording companies they work for. Record stores also receive the lists to spread the words all the more. In its first few years of operation, CMJ also launched and published the CMJ New Music Monthly. This is a print magazine which showcases all the reviews, interviews and special features in the music realm.

CMJ is the main and trusted source of information and a lot more. That’s because the issued magazine is also inclusive of the compact disc containing 15-24 songs. These songs are from popular and well-established bands. Best of all, they also include the songs of unsigned and amateur bands as well as those in between.

One of the major activities which CMJ staffs initiated and put together is the CMJ Music Marathon. It is a well-known convention and music fest held in New York which takes place in autumn. The second organized festival is the CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest which was scheduled in 2005 and 2006 in Cleveland. These music festivals showcased hundreds of hangers-on and bands for a specific period of time for a massive display of talent.

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  1. Tanya

    May 12, 2011 2:27 pm

    CMJ is seriously the place to be in October. Too many good bands to miss. Fourth year going babyyy! 🙂 There’s a new feature on the CMJ website I just checked out that gives you free downloads for some awesome bands – maybe this is telling of who will play CMJ this year? Fingers crossed. http://www.cmj.com/freeplay/


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