What is Bonjour Service?

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What is Bonjour Service?
Bonjour Service refers to a service discovery software created by Apple, Inc. This particular software is offered for free and comes installed along with Apple’s products like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone among others. Using a dedicated protocol, Bonjour service automatically detects and locates other computers and peripherals like printers that are connected to a specific network. The main function of this service is to make the interaction between computers and printers faster and more efficient. This is especially helpful in tasks like file sharing and printer configurations. With Bonjour Service running, the time spent on performing these tasks will be shortened.

The Bonjour Service was introduced by Apple, Inc. back in 2002 with a different name. Back then, this service was called “Rendezvous” but due to some trademark concerns, it was renamed to “Bonjour” in 2005. With Apples operating system as the main platform (Mac OS X and iOS), users are able to easily setup a network without much configuration. This simply means that users do not need to have IT administration skills to take advantage of this service or application.

And since Bonjour service allows for automatic detection of printers and file-sharing servers, users of various Apple products can take advantage of faster and easier sharing of files. Those using iTunes can easily share music files with friends and family. Those who want to share images and pictures may also take advantage of Bonjour service with iPhoto. But besides Apple products and Mac OS X, Bonjour service also has several versions for other platforms including Microsoft Windows and Linux. And another good thing about this service is based on IP or internet protocol standards and so works for either wired or wireless networks. So whether one is using a computer connected to the office network or browsing through his/her laptop in another location using wireless internet, he/she can still use Bonjour service.

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