What is a HTC phone?

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What is a HTC phone?
HTC phones are among the world’s best-loved mobile phones in terms of design and innovation. These phones are manufactured by the HTC or “High Tech Computer” Corporation based in Taiwan.

HTC originally started making generic mobile devices for use by telecommunications operators like T-Mobile and Orange. A generic base or design is made by HTC in Taiwan and then these handsets are sold to other companies for re-branding. Later on, HTC decided to make mobile handsets using their own brands. HTC, as a mobile phone maker, has grown tremendously due to innovation and increasing global recognition.

HTC also prides itself for having various “firsts” in the mobile phone and handheld device markets. The first colored palm-sized computer, first Microsoft-powered pocket PC, first Microsoft-powered smartphone in 2002 and smart music phone in 2004 were manufactured by HTC. HTC also boasts of the first Microsoft based 3G Phone and Microsoft Windows 5.0 smartphone in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

With its great alliance with Microsoft, HTC became pioneers of incorporating various Windows-based products on its mobile phones. But aside from Microsoft, HTC also made partnerships with other mobile operators like Intel, Orange, Vodafone, Cingular, Sprint, NTT DoComo, and Verizon among others.

Today HTC has a wide array of mobile phones for various market segments. Products include HTC Aria, HTC Wildfire, HTC Smart, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, and Nexus One among others. Launched in 2006, HTC Advantage features a detachable full QWERTY keyboard good for office applications. In 2007, HTC Shift was released with a 40 GB hard drive and Windows Vista as its operating system. In the same year, the groundbreaking HTC Touch was put to market with its very intuitive TouchFlo technology.

The HTC brand is continuing its climb to be among the most trusted and recognizable brand in the mobile phone industry. HTC is also ranked among the best technology companies in Asia and globally.

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