What is iWeb?

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What is iWeb?
iWeb is a website creation software from Apple, Inc. and is part of the iLife suite of products which comes in all Macintosh computers. iLife also includes other software tools like iMovie and iPhoto.

iWeb declares itself as very easy to use program and can be managed even without HTML knowledge. The program interface looks so simple and it comes with a wide selection of webpage templates, so users may simply do some simple editing to create a personal webpage. But for budding artists, they may also start on a clean page and make use of the various tools available on iWeb.

When using the templates, users simply input the text and add photos or movies to their liking, and iWeb will do the HTML coding for the page. And with iPhoto and iMovie also part of the iLife suite, one can “drag and drop” favorite photos and movies onto the website he/she is making. Even music files can also be added easily through iWeb’s media browser.

For quite advanced users, webpages made on iWeb can also be enhanced by various add-ons. One of these add-ons is iTweak where one can include a Google search field on his/her own webpage. There’s also an iWeb SEO tool for search engine optimization. iWeb valet allows users to do image compression and add dropdown menus, clocks, and countdowns. It can also help with page uploading to an FTP or backup server. iWeb Buddy meanwhile is capable of adding social networking features on your website. All these and more add-ons are available at a certain price. But for those who want more than just basic design templates, these add-ons can certainly make your websites look more stylish and professional.

After all the webpage input and design is done, publishing these pages on iWeb is made so simple with a click of just one button.

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