What is a Coffee Creamer?

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What is a Coffee Creamer?
Coffee creamers are milk-based products added to coffee to modify its flavor. For some people, a creamer would mean putting on standard cream to coffee. Cream refers to the part of milk which contains the most butterfat. But for others, what they know as coffee creamer is basic milk. It may come in powder or liquid form and may be sweetened or not.

For the health and diet-conscious, commercially available creamers in powder form may not be their best choice. A specific example is Nescafe’s Coffee Mate. This product is said to have lots of ingredients that many people do not understand, with some of them containing trans fats, which are not of benefit to people’s health. Much of the commercially available creamers contain lots of calories which may worry some dieters.

Another type of coffee creamer is the basic table cream. They are a little bit natural when compared to commercially made creamers but this also contains an unhealthy ingredient called saturated fats. But this variant may only contain fewer calories than commercial powder creamers, so some health-conscious people may give this variant a try.

But in many parts of the world, the coffee creamer of choice is basic milk in liquid form. Much of the countries in Europe use skim milk or whole milk while evaporated milk is common in many countries in Asia. Evaporated milk is said to contain lower fat than most whole milks but still retain the creamy flavor.

Other coffee creamers are targeted to vegetarians and those that are lactose-intolerant. Many creamer products now are labeled lactose-free, which means it is a non-dairy substitute for people who can’t have milk products. Other manufactures use soy as milk-substitute. Many people like this alternative because soy also contains various health-giving nutrients to our bodies. It also contains fewer calories than real milk so it is the only option for many people who want to watch their weight.

Various coffee creamer products are available in the market today with different flavors to cater to the ever-changing preferences of people. Some common creamer flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and almond.

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