What does DGAF mean?

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What does DGAF mean?
DGAF is an acronym for the phrase “Don’t Give A Fuck”. It’s an obscene phrase for expressing true feelings to others. It is commonly used when somebody tries to comment on your behavior and activities and you don’t really care what they tell about you, so you respond with this phrase. For those who use DGAF as part of their urban lingo, they claim that they just want to be true and don’t mean they don’t care about everything. They just respond with this offensive phrase to somewhat brush off those who attempt to control them or hurt them. A “normal” person would just feel hurt or cry in a corner if hurt by the words of others, but for “DGAF-followers”, they would respond with something like “I don’t give a fuck about what you’re doing or saying.’.

Many claim to have started the DGAF phrase, which has become widely used in the modern/urban community. But credit usually goes to rapper Chucky Chuck and his friend Gilles, with a couple of other friends. In 1998, this bunch made T-shirts with DGAF printed on it, and they would wear them in their shows. Today, their DGAF T-shirt business expanded into other items like socks, hats, lanyards, and a separate clothing line for the ladies.

DGAF has now become some sort of lifestyle, with Chucky Chuck’s group leading the pack. In 2008, he released a compilation album called DGAF under the Subnoize label. DGAF booths are also setup to sell their merchandise during shows by the Subnoize artists. Many people also followed the trend by creating their own DGAF-inspired blogsites and websites. Others also went into merchandising the DGAF-inspired lifestyle. Some songs and movie or TV lines have DGAF inserted in them to add to the wide popularity of the phrase.

Obscene or not, DGAF continues to grow in the urban world today. With the popularity of social media sites surging, the DGAF phrase and lifestyle rode along with it.

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