Difference between hardwood and laminate

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In cold countries, people used wooden floorings. They either use the hardwood or laminate floorings. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Though they are both wooden flooring, they are different from each other in many respects.

Before going on to discuss the differences in both the flooring materials, you have a fair idea about hardwood as well as laminate floorings.

Hardwood flooring: Hardwood is real wooden flooring. They come in various colors, shapes, as well as designs. This is a natural product and hence does not cause any type of allergies. Hence, it is safe flooring from the point of view of health. Houses in cold countries primarily use hardwood for their flooring purposes. Hardwood flooring lends an element of elegance to the room. Hardwood is popular form of flooring used in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens as well. Hardwood is in existence since a very long time.

Laminates are a recent invention. Laminates are not wooded floorings in the real sense of the term. It resembles hardwood in many respects and has its differences too. It gives a great finish to the flooring. Offices, shops, and other business establishments generally prefer to use laminate floorings. Laminate floorings offer resistance to sunlight.

They have their own differences as listed below.


Hardwood is in existence since centuries. Laminate is a very recent invention.


Laminates are more popular as they have more advantages as compared to hardwood.

Moisture tolerance:

As far as moisture tolerance is concerned, laminates score much higher than hardwood floorings. Laminates have a capacity of resisting bacteria and other pests in a better manner as compared to hardwood.


In a way, both the floorings are strong and durable. On comparison, laminates are about 15 times more durable than hardwood. Hardwood does not contain many layers whereas laminates contain several layers. In addition, you can easily replace laminate flooring in case of damage. Hardwood flooring is not so easy to replace. Hardwood floorings are long lasting whereas laminates require replacement after about 20 years.

Scratch resistant capacity:

Both the wooden floorings are prone to scratches. Hardwood scratches easily whereas laminates do not. As far as maintenance is concerned, laminates are easy to maintain as compared to hardwood. Laminate floorings are smooth and dirt as well as water does not accumulate on them. Hence, they are easy to clean. Hardwood floorings take an extremely long time to clean.

Walking comfort:

Hardwood floorings impart a natural feeling to the feet. You can have a better and firmer grip on hardwood flooring. Laminates are very smooth and are easy to walk on.

Cost factor:

Hardwood is an expensive flooring option as compared to laminates.


Laminates are easier to install in comparison with hardwood flooring.

Material used:

Hardwood is a natural product. Usually oak and maple wood is used for hardwood flooring. Laminates is artificial wood. It is in fact a synthetic product. They consist of four different layers.


Hardwood flooring requires more maintenance as compared to laminates. Hardwood flooring requires waxing and polishing on a regular basis to look new. Laminates have a shining look because of the top resin layer.

Use of chemicals for cleaning:

You should refrain from using harsh chemicals for cleaning hardwood flooring. You should use the appropriate type of cleaners. You can use chemicals on laminates.

How do you identify hardwood flooring and a laminate?

Hardwood consists of natural grains and hence they have a random design. Laminates are synthetic and thus patterns can repeat. Hardwood floorings use nails for fastening whereas laminates use glue.

In short, hardwood is natural flooring and laminates are synthetic floorings. Both look great in their own way.

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