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Books about Business are taking the world by storm. No, it’s not because they are well-written or come with fancy prices, but because of the kind of information they provide prospective business people. Today, thanks largely to the liberalization of markets globally, the opportunities available to people has grown multi-fold. It was not until China began enticing western conglomerates to take advantage of its liberal investment policies did the world awaken to the prospect of doing business. Doing business is never easy; it has its share of uncertainties and risks, yet those who are willing to take the risk, do so with proper planning. Risks come in the form of competition, customer expectations, market fluctuations, and demand, and these are factors that a businessman or woman has to live with or accept when they start a business. However, proper planning and strategizing can mitigate the effects of these risks, and these can be learnt or practiced by reading books about business.

A large number of books about businesses are available in bookstores. Each book is unique in the sense that each author or authors present different views to common problems, and offer business people and those who seek to do business with all sorts of information that can help them overcome some of their most serious concerns about business. Books on marketing, sales, management, operations, strategies, networking, and opportunities and so on, help potential business people and those seeking business start-ups the information they seek.

It might not surprise a visitor who walks into the business owner’s office to find a number of books adorning his or her showcase. These books aren’t kept there to impress visitors or add glamour to his or her office; they are the business owner’s companion-in-arms. In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies, by Thomas Peters & Robert H. Waterman; Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, by James C. Collins & Jerry I. Porras; and Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution, by Michael Hammer & James A. Champy, are among the top influential business books available today (Ackman, 2002). They are not popular because they were written by the same authors, or were published by the same publishers, or written in the same year, but because of what they bring to the table for the business class.

Books about Business are assets that business people crave for. They are ultimately, the true companion of businessmen. It is these books that offer business people the solutions and ideas to enhance their businesses, and guard them from serious risks. For example, In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies, by Thomas Peters & Robert H. Waterman, the book has been a bestseller for years because, the book “not just presents the eight rules of management that the book propounds, say the authors, but because it covers the case studies of forty-three “excellent” and successful companies” (Ackman, 2002). What this means is that those who buy this book can study and learn from the success of these companies and not fall into risks that many businesses run into despite all their strategies and planning.

Thousand of books on business offer solutions and ideas on how to develop business networks. It is definitely a boon to people who have a direct or indirect connection with businesses to reach out for them in their personal interests. Thus, it is well-known how valuable books about business are to people today.

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