What You Should Know About Tesla Motors

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594px-New_Teslas_at_the_factoryGiven the mission of accelerating world’s transition to sustainable transport, Tesla, the automobile company that has been existent since 2003 continues to ascertain its place in the industry. Known for producing AC powered vehicles, Tesla empowers the world by its innovativeness and oddity. Here are some interesting facts that would fascinate you aside from its cars being chargeable anywhere and anytime:

  1. It was named after Nikola Tesla. He is the inventor of the sportscar that is run by an AC induction motor. This breakthrough in the automobile industry was credited to him. Thus, it is but proper that vehicles that have been produced due to his ingenuity be credited to him.
  2. Electric cars over gasoline-powered cars. The group of engineers in Silicon Valley where the company was envisioned were believers that electric cars could overpower the performance of those cars that are run by gasoline. Thus, Tesla Motors prides its products to be cars without compromise for they don’t add up to the pollution that confronts the automobile industry in the height of the issue of climate change.
  3. The promise of affordability. Profit was just secondary when makers of Tesla Motors decided to be in the business, proof to this is the posing difference of the size of the company in terms of its market capitalization. As compared to its rival Ford Motors, it is just 40% of its size and is only 15% of that of Facebook.
  4. Ford is an older brother of Tesla. Tesla motors is deemed to be the second oldest publicly listed American Automaker next to Ford. And if you’re going to ask about Chrysler, well, aside from the fact that it has faced bankruptcy, it is definitely a private company even up to now.
  5. Motortrend’s Car of the Year Award. Tesla’s Model S was the first vehicle ever to be conferred one of the most coveted awards in the automobile industry. Even up to now, many automobile companies are envious of this award of inventiveness of the Tesla engineers.
  6. Just 52 showrooms for Tesla. Despite the popularity and profitability that it has earned over the years for producing high-quality vehicles, Tesla remains to be less competitive in terms of expansion. Other companies might be raising eyebrows towards Tesla’s management for just having a total of 52 showrooms over the United States of America and Canada.
  7. The visionary behind it today is Elon Musk. Running three companies is no kidding at all. Forbes announced that he’d soon be the second man in Silicon Valley to have taken three companies to more than $1 billion valuation. Musk is Paypal X2, Tesla and Space X’s control center when compared to the computer linggo. He is as well rumored to be the Chairman of Solarcity, a different company that takes unsullied approach to the industry – the technology that utilized in Tesla’s Supercharger stations.
  8. Model S – A title holder. Currently, two major titles are held the lowest drag coefficient of any production car, and the largest panoramic sunroof of any production car. Its recorded drag coefficient is 0.24.
  9. Model S has the most cargo space. As compared to cars of its class and size, this Tesla’s model prides itself for having the most huge cargo space – meaning, it can contain a lot of stuff necessary for the driver and all its passengers, no need for a carryboy.
  10. Only six parts require regular replacement. When it is true that most parts of vehicles require regular replacement due to wear and tear, for Tesla Motors there are only six parts that need to be replaced regularly – the four tires and the two wiper blades.



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