Interesting facts about fx sulli

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In the Korean artist group f(x), Sulli is a popular name. She is a model, actress, vocalist and a sub rapper. Sulli is the stage name of Choi Jin Ri. She is tremendously recognized for her vocals of singing high notes in the f(x) albums like Electric shock and Pink Tape. Not only this, Sulli has acquired a great name in the field of acting too. Born in the year 1994, 29th March in Yangsan of South Korea, she began her acting professionally at the age of 11 in the SBS Drama and gradually she started taking interest in music. This famous singer cum actor graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul. She has received many awards and recognitions and acted in many Television dramas and shows. She has got New Star Award for ‘˜To the Beautiful You’ under SBS Drama Awards in 2012. This multi talented lady has already taken a leading graph in the Korean movies. She is just 19 but she does have many fans around the globe mainly in Korea.

Know her more with these facts:

The meaning of her name Choi Jin Ri means ‘˜The truth’ in her native language.

She is the only daughter of her family and she was enrolled in the acting school at a very early age.

Sulli went in the S. M. Entertainment through audition. Her f(x) group debuted with ‘La Cha Ta’.

Often known as ‘˜Giant Baby’ because of her baby face and good height. In fact she is the tallest member in her band.

She is praised for her unique beauties among the Koreans and she is considered in the top 6 among SM beauties.

In 2005 she received Big Ribbon Child Award in Prettiest Child Contest.

Her upcoming movie is Fashion King, which is based on popular web cartoon series. Her movie ‘˜Pirates’ is expected to be released on the 1st half of 2014.

In 2011 she came into controversy because of her dance steps in ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’. People said she was unable to follow the dance steps but later on she was defended by the SM Entertainment.

Once she was spotted with Dynamic Duo in Dec 2013 and her date with him was a much heated discussion among her fans.

In her career she started acting first but her dream was to become a singer. Thus she gives her dream a good justice.

Before becoming a f(x) member, she was a SM’s trainee and lived in Seoul alone.

Her career in the field of modeling is very bright and smooth. She has done modeling for some well known Korean designers like Ha Sang Baek and Andre Kim. She has also been seen in many music videos also like Mr. Simple.

Sulli has been featured in her school’s website home page and it is a great honor to her.

Her famous movies are Punch Lady, BABO, Pirates and Fashion King (yet to be release).

The family name of Sulli is Choi.

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