Facts about VX

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The world is a safer place to dwell in as long as we do not have discoveries like the lethal VX Nerve Agent. Standing most toxic of all the nerve agents, VX has certain interesting facts attached to it!

Fact 1:

VX, a man made warfare agent is a chemical that has been classified as a nerve agent, the most toxic form of all the known chemical warfare agents that have ever existed (CDC, 2003).

Fact 2:

Initially, the VX warfare agent was prepared in the United Kingdom in the early years of the mid-20th century and it has been reported that this chemical was widely used in the Iran-Iraq war in the late twentieth century (CDC, 2003).

Fact 3:

Generally people know that VX is a gas that is injected in the air but actually VX is a tasteless, colorless and odorless liquid with evaporation rate as slow as that of motor oil (Berwald, 2004).

Fact 4:

An interesting fact about the VX warfare agent is that it was an accidental discovery of some British chemistst who were actually researching on insecticides and pesticides (Berwald, 2004).

Fact 5:

The VX has been graded as a weapon of mass destruction based on the fact that this toxicant if used in missiles can have destruction even greater than the hydrogen bombs (Haugen and David, 2001).

Fact 6:

This toxicant is also called as the VX Nerve Gas because it outbreaks the nerves that monitor the breathing process and unsettle their functioning (ABC news, 2006).

Fact 7:

The chemical formula of the toxic VX Nerve Gas is held classified by the U.S government. It is still unknown to the world (ATSD, 2002)!!

Fact 8:

Rumors have been in the air in 2003 that the terrorist network Al-Qaida has obtained the formula to the making of VX but they have not substantially used it so far (Berwald, 2004).

Fact 9:

The breakdown of the toxic VX chemical is gradual in the body. It means that the agents cause an aggravated effect by building up a volcano of chemical reactions in the body (CDC2003).

Fact 10:

This chemical is graded deadly because it can enter the body through every possible route, touch, taste, smell and sight (David, 2000)!


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