What is EQdkp?

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EQdkp refers to Ever Quest’s Dragon Kill Points.  Ever Quest is a popular online role-playing game that features 3D graphics and allows for multiple players to join the gaming platform simultaneously. Dragon Kill Points meanwhile refer to some type of monetary currency involved within the game and this is accumulated by means of endgame participation or looting from so-called endgame bosses. The term “dragon kill” is a reference to another game called Afterlife wherein the main raid targets involved dragons.  Every participant of the troop raid will be awarded with points which are then referred to as DKP or dragon kill points.  In the world of EverQuest, the same currency points system is applied and this is referred to as EQdkp.

Under the EverQuest gaming platform, a system for managing DKP or dragon kill points was said to have come out of necessity.  Before EQdkp, so-called gaming guild leaders did not have an efficient means of awarding dragon kill paints to worthy players.  Through EQdkp, loot distribution was made simple and easy.  The points distribution involved in EQdkp simplified the process for guild leaders and the best thing is that dragon kill points are given without causing any concern on the entire guild points system.  With EQdkp tagged as an open-source system, any customization may be done by other people in order to bring a more efficient and systematic points distribution system to players.

With EverQuest classified as massive multi-player online role playing game, sure enough many players are involved.  With a literally massive playing field, a system like EQdkp is needed to effectively manage players’ points, statistics, standings, and other data.  As for industry experts, the system provided by EQdkp is considered the standard and the best of all DKP systems because it provides the most efficient points monitoring system and allows for documentation and player forums.

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