Facts about Veterans

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We owe our freedom to the millions of men and women who served in the United States military. Without these brave men and women to protect our borders and fight for our way of life, the United States wouldn’t be the country it is today. But how much do we really know about Veterans? Here are some interesting facts.

Fact 1: Veterans Day was once called ‘œArmistice Day’ to celebrate the end of WWI. It got its name change in 1938 with the signing of a Bill by President Eisenhower.

Fact 2: The difference between Veterans Day, celebrated every year on November 11 and Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday of May every year is this ‘“ Veteran’s Day pays tribute to Veterans living or dead while Memorial Day pays tribute to those who died in combat.

Fact 3: There are 21.8 million Veterans living in the United States. 1.8 million of these Veterans are female.

Fact 4: 7.6 million living Veterans served in Vietnam. 4.8 million in the Gulf. 2.6 million in Korea. 2.1 million in WWII. There are no living Veterans who served in WWI.

Fact 5: The unemployment rate for Veterans is 3% higher than the rest of the population.

Fact 6: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the leading cause of unemployment among Veterans.

Fact 7: Many Veterans suffer from substance abuse. In fact, 70% of homeless vets have this problem.

Fact 8: 5.5 million living Veterans suffer from a disability.

Fact 9: They vote. In the 2008 election, 71% of Veterans voted compared to only 61% for the rest of the population.

Fact 10: Some famous military veterans: The boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, former President’s John F. Kennedy and James Buchanan, actors Bea Arthur, Charles Bronson and Mel Brooks, guitarist Jim Hendrix and astronaut Buzz Alden.

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