Number of gallons in a liter

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How many gallons are there in a liter?


That is according to US gallons. In UK gallons, there is 1.7598 gallons in a liter. The result actually varies, depending on the conversion type, whether it is from UK or US. Using the abbreviation “l”, liter became more popularly used instead of gallons after the metric system got approved. Liter (US) is spelled “Litre” in UK and almost any part of the world.

A volume unit, Gallon is the one generally employed in imperial and U.S. customary systems. There are two classes of gallons in US customary system: dry and liquid; whereas in imperial system, there’s only one classification of gallon. Dry gallons is mostly used in measuring different kinds of dry goods, such as corn and grain, as liquid gallons is utilized on liquid products.

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