Facts about Toy Story

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1. Original the ‘Toy Story’ Name
Initially, Toy Story was called “You are a Toy”. In the event of picking the best name for the 1995 original animation, Pixar gave the responsibility to the whole company to come up with possible names. The director of Toy Story 3, Co-director of Toy Story 2 and editor of Toy Story took to social media on Twitter to reveal some of the possible names. Eventually, the film was called ‘Toy Story’.

2. Jim Carrey and Paul Newman ruled out Pixar
Initially, Pixar wanted Jim Carrey to voice Buzz Lightyear and Paul Newman to voice Woody but this was a fail. The reason for the fail was the low budget planned for the film. Billy Cristal turned down the offer to voice Buzz Lightyear but later regretted this choice after the animation was released. Billy thought that declining the offer was the biggest mistake of his career.

3. Bald heads
The director and the animation team shaved their heads at the commence of Toy Story three as a sign of getting a clean start in the film according to animator Victor Navone. Other speculated reasons include paying tribute to one of the crew members who was suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment.

4. Buzz Lightyear’s original Name
Buzz Lightyear initially called Lunar Larry, got his name from Buzz Aldrin’s inspiration. Aldrin is the second man on earth to walk on the moon. The term ‘Lightyear’ means the amount of distance a beam of light can cover in a year.

5. Woody’s original Character
Originally, Woody was a Ventriloquist’s dummy who would help Tinny in search of a home after the latter got lost during a family trip. This character, associated with horror movies, would be too intense for a kids’ animation. The Pixar team noticed that no one would want to watch a kids’ animation where the main character is unlikable. The team then altered his character into the kind, well-meaning cowboy.

6. Toy Story 2 was almost deleted
A year before the Toy Story 2 was released, an anonymous person entered a stray computer demand and deleted 90 percent of the work put on the film. Luckily, Galyn Susman had a copy of the animation she was working on at home which prevented the disaster.

7. Toy Story statistics
Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing movie of all time. The story made a sale of over one billion dollars at the box office worldwide and was the first to do so. However, Toy Story 3 is the only Toy Story that did not receive a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it received a rating of 99 percent. In June 2008, Toy Story was ranked 6th on the American Film Institute list of the ten greatest films in the genre. This story was completed on a 30 million dollars budget and had a staff of 110.

8. Alternative voice for Woody
Whenever Tom Hanks was not available to provide Woody’s voice, his brother, Jim Hanks stepped in for him. The alleged Tom Hanks voice on video games and toy voices among others may, in fact be Jim Hank’s voice.

9. Pizza Planet’s Original Name
Originally, Pizza Planet was called Pizza Putt and consisted of a miniature golf course. The name Pizza Putt was a reference to Pizza Hut. Eventually, it was changed to a space themed restaurant to lure Buzz into thinking he was going home.

10. Original main Character
Before Woody took the main character’s role, it was Tinny’s place. Tinny was the title character in the Oscar-winning short film released in 1988. Initially, the planned story was for Tinny to get lost in the events of a family trip and meet up with a sarcastic ventriloquist dummy when searching for a place to live. Woody’s role was meant to be the dummy. Later on, Buzz Lightyear, initially known as Lunar Larry, replaced Tinny.

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