Facts About the Grand Canyon

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This article talks about ten interesting facts related to the Grand Canyon. Some of the facts found on this article may not be common knowledge, but they are facts that are interesting to know.

Fact 1. More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. Sometimes they ride in a car just to look at the horizon below the cliffs of the canyon.

Fact 2. The land that rises from the floor of the Grand Canyon is a lot higher than any peaks in the Appalachian Mountains. The gorge is 217 miles long and more than a mile deep.

Fact 3. In sunny weather,  the rocky layers of the Grand Canyon will sometimes glow and glisten with a green, pink, yellow, or violet color.

Fact 4. The Grand Canyon was once underwater. This is because of evidence pertaining  to  the sediments of the Grand Canyon usually including sandstone, limestone, and shale.

Fact 5. There is plant life in certain areas of the canyon. The top most part of the Grand Canyon resembles the plant life of Canada containing Blue Spruces and Aspen trees.

Fact 6. There are different types of trails at the bottom most part of the Grand Canyon. Visitors can walk their way down or ride on the back of a mule.  The most beautiful trails would include the Bright Angel Trail and the Kaibab Trail.

Fact 7. Garcia Lopez de Cardenas was the first European person to ever see the Grand Canyon. This took place around the early parts of the 15th century.

Fact 8. John Wesley Powell had the first boat trip down into the rapids of the Colorado River that is in the middle of the Grand Canyon. It was at the latter parts of the 18th century that he traveled through the gorge of the Colorado River and did his adventure.

Fact 9. Even with favorable weather, the North Rim of the Canyon is very hard to travel to.

Fact 10. The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park no longer has an airstrip, so you’re going to have to go there by hiking or car.

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