What is a JPackage?

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‘JPackage’ refers to a software project developed by Java Technologies to provide compatibility between various Java-based applications and the Linux platform.  This software initiative also makes the necessary adjustments for Java libraries to work properly and smoothly under the Linux environment or when users are using Linux-based programs.  The best feature of JPackage is that it is classified as an open source software project, and this simply translates into development freedom for many software developers and experts.  Any software expert, for example, may contribute to JPackage in terms of adding new features and improving the software project in terms of functionality and working efficiency based on Linux standards and specifications.

Through JPackage, users and software administrators of Linux systems will have access to installer and update packages for various applications, and these also include special configurations for Linux variants or distributions such as Red Hat and Mandriva among others.  JPackage software and utility updates are also released to handle library file conflicts involving third-party software and applications and other file issues under the Java VM or Virtual Machine. Another great feature of JPackage is that it allows various applications to run smoothly despite version issues.  One small application that requires Java version 5.0 can run simultaneously and smoothly with another application that only requires Java 1.4.2, for example.  Apps created in higher versions or updated versions can also run seamlessly with the same apps of previous versions.  All these are made possible through JPackage.  While the end-user enjoys the versatility and efficiency of Java-based utilities in the Linux environment, JPackage takes care of the necessary updates on both the user terminal side and the server side.  In this way, Java applications will be able to run smoothly in the Linux environment.  In terms of support, the people behind JPackage have also put a Website in place to get updates and tips on software installation, configuration, administration, and updates.

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