Facts About the Eco-Friendly Chemical

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Ethanol is a combustible and volatile liquid that has numerous applications ranging from being a recreational drug that is a common ingredient in alcoholic beverages to antiseptics to even being used as fuel in automobiles. There are, however, some other interesting facts about ethanol that lend credence to it being one of the most important chemicals known to man:


Fact 1:

It is a rather environmentally friendly form of fuel as it gives off one of the lowest emissions of pollution.


Fact 2:

A compromise to the lowered air pollution with the use of ethanol as a fuel is that it normally takes 1.5 gallons of ethanol fuel to travel the length it takes a gasoline-injected automobile to travel in just a gallon.


Fact 3:

Ethanol fuel has a higher toleration to water and thus makes it more resistant to freezing in colder climates.


Fact 4:

Ethanol plants are not just primarily developed as fuels but are also known to produce various food supplies making it one of the most versatile resources for humans.


Fact 5:

Car manufacturers have now sold over 6 million Flexible Fuel Vehicles that can burn fuels that are composed of at least 85 percent ethanol. This gives more proof that these types of vehicles are not going anywhere anytime soon.


Fact 6:

In medical terms, ethanol is a type of soporific drug which can induce drowsiness or sleepiness. However, take note that it is deadly for ethanol concentration in the bloodstream to go over 5 percent, so necessary precautions are advised.


Fact 7:

A common trait of ethanol is that it produces a blue-tinged flame and forms carbon dioxide and hydrogen at the same time.


Fact 8:

Looking to produce quality ethanol? Then you’d better invest in farming corn as it is the only known source of ethanol today.

Fact 9:

During the last two decades, the amount of energy needed to produce ethanol has decreased significantly further increasing its advantages and benefits as a fuel source.


Fact 10:

Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) were developed to use fuels with a higher concentration of ethanol, and while the mileage is reduced, the upside to this is that the overall horsepower is increased considerably.


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