Facts About the American Flag

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A country’s flag is not just an aesthetic representation of the country itself, but it is also a symbol of its principles, independence, and its history. The American flag has had its fair share of re-designing suiting the country’s current state at each point in time. Today, let us take a closer look at the fabric of the American flag; here are 10 interesting facts about the flag’s illustrious life:


1. Presently, there are a total of six American flags erected on the surface of the moon. They were planted there by Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17.


2. An interesting fact about the proper folding of the flag is that it takes 13 folds to achieve it, the same number of the original colonies in the country.


3. Liberia’s flag design closely resembles that of the United States. They also have 13 stripes in their flag as well.


4. ‘œOld Glory,’ which is a nickname of the American flag, actually references a specific flag owned by one Captain William Driver. It can be seen today displayed inside the Smithsonian museum.


5. The design of the American flag can be said to be inspired by man’s desire to achieve his goals. The stars are a dead giveaway while the stripes symbolize the rays of the sun.


6. What do the colors of the flag mean? Red symbolizes bravery, white is purity, and blue is the color recognized as justice.


7. Did you know that while Betty Ross was widely credited as the flag’s seamstress, there is no historical evidence that she was the first to work on the flag?


8. Previously, it was up to the flag maker to determine the size and the placements of the stars in the flag. However, after 1912, a strict guideline was created on the correct creation of the American flag.


9. An 18-year-old student, Robert Heft, was the designer of the American flag’s present design. He actually received a ‘œB-‘œ for his efforts but it was changed to an ‘œA’ after his design was chosen by Congress.


10. When the flag is worn out and unfit for display, it should be disposed of properly and with dignity. The most common way of disposing of a flag is by burning.

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