Facts About Tea

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Tea is probably one of the most popular and consumed beverages in the world. Traditional preparation of tea involves the use of hot water but recent trends involve cold teas mixed with various other ingredients like fruits and milk for example.  Serving and drinking tea is part of many cultures and traditions in many countries.  Ancient rulers in Asian countries for example were known to drink tea and serve some of them for guests.  In present times, various flavors of tea are readily available and people consume them for tradition, taste, and benefits.  Below are some facts about this popular beverage:

Fact 1:  Turkey takes the title of consuming the most tea on a per person basis.  Many countries in Asia for example are tea-lovers but more Turks are known to drink this popular beverage more than any other nationality.

Fact 2:  Drinking tea is associated with various health benefits.  Its nutrients have always been thought of to be great against free radicals or cancer-causing agents.  Aside from its anti-oxidant properties, regular consumption of tea is also associated with anti-bacterial and immune system-boosting benefits.

Fact 3:  The first cold or iced tea was served back in 1904.  It was during the heat wave in the US when people started serving tea that is cold with the use of ice cubes.  During the St. Louis World Fair, iced tea became an official beverage to help beat the heat wave.

Fact 4:  China is attributed to be the first source of tea.  Back in 2000 BC, it was recorded that tea bushes already exist in China.  In those times, the tea leaves were already dried and later to be used as flavoring for hot water.

Fact 5:  It was only in 200 BC in China when drinking of tea was associated with its supposed health benefits. Doctors back in China were already promoting the high anti-oxidant properties of tea and its associated health benefits back in 200 BC.

Fact 6:  The British first enjoyed tea that came from one of its colonies – India.  When tea became popular in the UK, they realized that they could not grow the tea plant because of their cold weather.  The solution they thought of at that time was to grow the tea plants in India which was their colongy at the time.

Fact 7:  The caffeine content in tea is considered less potent or milder than that found in coffee.  It may be milder but the caffeine is enough to give a stimulant effect to the brain.

Fact 8:  Tea preparation may not necessarily be liquid.  Most people enjoy tea in liquid form but a type of delicacy in Burma involves enjoying tea in solid and pickled form. The delicacy called “lephet” is made through softening tea leaves and burying them underground for aging.

Fact 9:  Some types of tea leaves may contain harmful minerals and chemicals.  Low-grade tea leaves are known to carry some amounts of aluminium and fluoride.  These minerals are absorbed by the leaves through the soil and when they are taken by the body in excessive quantities, health concerns may arise.

Fact 10:  Tea was the most popular beverage in the UK up until 1998.  It was during this time when coffee consumption overtook the drinking of tea in terms of expenditures.

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