Facts About E-Cigarettes

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E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are created as an alternative for smokers who wish to have the same smoking sensation but without the real smoke.  These electronic versions may resemble the actual cigarette sticks but some are created with different shapes and sizes. The main action of e-cigarettes is to provide a vapor that comes from a liquid cartridge that contains chemicals including nicotine.  For many smokers, this is a welcome alternative because it provides the same smoking sensation but without the smoke that may offend others or may affect other people’s health. Below are 10 facts about e-cigs or e-cigarettes:

Fact 1:  E-cigarettes still have lots of nicotine.  Contrary to what some people may know, e-cigarettes may not have the actual smoke, but the vapors it produce actually contain nicotine which is the main ingredient of standard cigarettes.

Fact 2:  Many e-cigarettes contain various other drugs.  Its liquid cartridge can actually be filled with other chemicals and drugs that are added to the main nicotine content of this electronic and consumable device.  Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens and be very toxic to the body.

Fact 3:  Some e-cigarettes are actually tobacco and nicotine-free.  With the use of liquid cartridges, some manufacturers actually opt to create e-cigarette varieties with other vaporizing chemicals but without the standard nicotine.

Fact 4:  E-cigarettes are considered less toxic than traditional cigarettes. There may still be nicotine content but its formulation is considered less potent compared to the actual tobacco used in traditional cigarettes.  For people who are trying to quit smoking, many of them start the process of weaning through e-cigarettes.

Fact 5: China is the first producer and manufacturer of e-cigars.  These smoke-free devices may be very popular in the US at present but these were actually first designed and created in China.

Fact 6:  E-cigarettes lead to the increased delivery of nanoparticles into the body.  The inhalation of vapors has been studied to increase the incidence of inflammation due to the entry of nanoparticles from smoking e-cigs.  These nanoparticles may then lead to chronic ailments like asthma and heart disease among others.

Fact 7:  E-cigarettes are no longer niche products but have actually reached the mainstream market.  With sales of almost 2 billion in 2013 in the US alone, these smoke-free gadgets have become increasingly popular despite limited studies and research on its supposed benefits and ill-effects.

Fact 8:  10% of High School students in the US have already tried e-cigarettes. This figure basically proves the fact that e-cigars have already penetrated the mainstream market of the US and even other countries around the world.

 Fact 9:  20% of regular smokers now use e-cigarettes.  Some of them have even completely discarded traditional tobacco cigarettes and opted for the electronic versions.  The popularity of this product is also increasing because of the unlimited access through online trading.

Fact 10:  E-cigarettes can make antibiotics ineffective. The nicotine content of vapors are said to be the culprit in terms of the action of antibiotics against germs or bacteria.  When these germs are highly exposed to nicotine vapors, they are known to create a thicker coating to protect themselves from the action of drugs like antibiotics.

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