Facts About Tamils

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Tamil Girl
Tamil Girl

Fact 1: Tamils are among the oldest surviving ethnic groups and communities with their origin dating back to 1500 BC which is estimated by the burials found in the Tamil Nadu region, but the literary work of ancient Tamils, called Sangam, expresses the antiquity of the Tamils as being a civilization that is tens of thousands of years old.

Fact 2: Tamils value their language to a great extent and consider it as part of their culture and identity. The Tamil language is recognized as a classical language by the government of India.

Fact 3: Tamils are regarded as great temple builders, and their main region, Tamil Nadu, is often regarded as the land of temples for its large number of temples and their marvelous construction.

Fact 4: Pongal, the harvest festival, and Varuda Pirappu, the Tamil New Year, are the two most important Tamil festivals. And even though there is a difference of religion between different Tamils, these two festivals are still celebrated by almost all of them.

Fact 5: Most traditional Tamil art is based on Hinduism because approximately 88 percent of Tamils follow the Hindu religion.

Fact 6: The second largest film industry in India is the Tamil film industry and is commonly called Kollywood because of its base in Kodambakkam.

Fact 7: The Tamil language is used in all official documents, postage stamps, sign boards, currency notes, etc. in Sri Lanka along with English and Sinhala even though there is only 18 percent Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Fact 8: There are about 60 million Indian Tamils in the world most of which live in the Tamil Nadu region of southwestern India.

Fact 9: Jallikattu is a bull fighting sport which is played in Tamil Nadu during the celebration of the Pongal festival and is one of the oldest surviving sports of Tamil origin.

Fact 10: Several martial arts were originated in Tamil Nadu and then spread to China along with Buddhism.

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