Facts about Psilocybin

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The world is full of surprises. Every day, the humankind comes across a bolt form the blue. Psilocybin is just another name for it. Here are some thought-provoking facts about this remarkable little mushroom!

Fact 1:

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance obtained from a very unique type of mushroom that, for the same reason, is called as the ‘œMagic Mushrooms’ (NDIC, 2003).

Fact 2:

The mushrooms containing the substance ‘œpsilocybin’ are readily available in America but there has been no active evidence of using these mushrooms as an abuse in the law reports. There is however, a report by ‘œMonitoring the Future Survey’ indicating that 9.2% of the high school youngsters have taken this drug at least once in their lifetime (NDIC, 2003).

Fact 3:

The psilocybin ingestion starts expressing its effects right after 20 minutes and the effects stay as long as 6 hours (NIH, 2009).

Fact 4:

Despite being declared abusive, psilocybin has been proved to be a psychotherapeutic drug helping the patients suffering from anxiety and depression (Zakowicz, 2011).

Fact 5:

Another study reveals a very interesting fact that this psilocybin helps individuals against their nicotine addiction; it acts as a stopper to the nicotine need of the body (Zakowicz, 2011).

Fact 6:

The mushrooms containing psilocybin are distinguishable on the fact that they turn blue when touched (Forish, 2007).

Fact 7:

Psilocybin was made illegal in the United States in 1968 and since then the use os psilocybin is prohibited in the country (Forish, 2007).

Fact 8:

The first ever European record of the Magic Mushrooms was found in one of the writings of a Spanish priest in the early 16th century (F.C, 2008).

Fact 9:

Although only short-term effects of the psilocybin have been observed, in some reports, scientists predict that the long-term effects of ingestion can lead to a prolonged mental disorder called as Paranoid Schizophrenia (NADS, 2011).

Fact 10:

Although this produce is now banned in the United States, there has been no evidence of any potential fatalities due to use or over usage; however, the unidentified long term effects make it more scary (S.F, n.d).


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