Facts About 1 of the Top Search Engines Today – MSN

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MSN is a freeware that was developed by Microsoft and released in 1999. While first conceived as an Internet service provider, it is also known in other fields such as emails and instant messaging, most notably with hotmail and messenger. While it has remained in the spotlight constantly, it seems to have been pushed aside by newer applications. However, this does not change the fact that it is still one of the most trustworthy Internet programs out there. Here are 10 facts to prove this point:


Fact 1: MSN email and messaging have all the necessary capabilities that should be present in instant messaging like instant communication, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and the ability to connect with other IM programs.


Fact 2: While Google is still the champion when it comes to online searches, MSN is the top contender and is actually better in the field of compiling facts to searcher’s questions.


Fact 3: With MSN Search, the use of Encarta Encyclopedia is free of charge.


Fact 4: MSN is now a part of the online communication giant Skype thus offering users a wider range of contacts.


Fact 5: It is quite easy for any Website to rank high in MSN’s search engine as long as they know the proper keyword density.


Fact 6: MSN is the only search engine that offers users ‘œInstant Facts’ online. Just type the question and the specific answer will be shown.


Fact 7: MSN Explorer and its other components are known to be quite user friendly on par with Google.


Fact 8: It offers the most customization options of any search engine programs to date.


Fact 9: Everyone can add anyone to their contact list. This can be seen as a security risk, though.

Fact 10: MSN was one of the first programs and the most popular one that offered email capabilities during the Internet’s infancy.

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