Facts About Patriots

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A patriot is one who has a love and respect for his country. Most of the freedom fighters are these patriots. However, not all of them are Patriots. There are nationalists who are also a kind of freedom fighters. Nationalists are those who fight to have their own free country, independent from the former authorities. But patriots are those who are in support of the benefit of the country.

Fact 1: Even though general meaning of the ‘Patriots’ is different in general, the patriots who fought for the independence of USA are specifically referred as ‘The Patriots’ in the West. The citizens of USA themselves are very patriotic. According to some survey, they are the most patriotic people in the world after citizens of Venezuela.

Fact 2: Patriots often colour themselves with the colour of the national flags or dress up in the colour of the national flag to show their patriotism on Independence Days of their country. Some of them even tattoo the national emblem or image of the flag permanently on their body, all in the name of patriotism.

Fact 3: Sometimes the extreme patriotic feelings in Patriots results in Violence. Love and Passion for the country makes them intolerant to anything that is against the country. This may cause frequent internal riots and also wars in some countries.

Fact 4: In North Korea, the citizens in detention centres are forced to be a ‘Patriot’ probably in an attempt to make them love their country so that they will not commit anything against the country’s law. In this attempt the citizens here are often beaten even for forgetting some words of the Patriotic songs.

Fact 5: Often Patriots do not consider country as just a country. They believe truly in some patriotic mythology that a country is more than an ambiguous concept, and that this supposedly real entity must be loved and protected. To be precise they love their country just like they love their parents, children or any other family members.

Fact 6: A patriot is someone who has special affection for one’s own country, has a sense of personal identification with the country, has a special concern for the well-being of the country and has a willingness to sacrifice to promote the country’s good. A citizen who considers himself as a Patriot is sometimes like a person who is extremely protective about his/her lover.

Fact 7: According to some popular philosophies a Patriot can be Extreme Patriot, Robust Patriot, Moderate Patriot, Deflated Patriot or an Ethical Patriot.

• An Extreme Patriot is someone for whom his country is the top priority. For the sake of the country they will be ready to break their promises, to deceive, dissemble, and use violence, sometimes in cruel ways and on a large scale.
• A Robust Patriot believes patriotism is not to be contrasted with morality; it is rather a central moral virtue, indeed the bedrock of morality.
• A Moderate Patriot’s patriotism is compatible with liberal morality.
• Deflated Patriot is one who thinks that it’s his duty to show gratitude towards the country. He has a moral obligation towards the country because he thinks he is indebted to it.
• An Ethical Patriot would want to see justice done, rights respected, human solidarity at work at any time and in any place.

Fact 8: During Independence Day its Patriots who inspire the E-Commerce sites to offer various offers.

Fact 9: It’s a Patriot who can either make the Patriotism look good or bad. Just like the water gets the shape of the container, the way of expressing Patriotism depends on the patriot.

Fact 10: It is believed that an Extreme Patriot cannot make a good politician. However, most of the politicians belong to this group of Patriots.

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