Facts About Attraction

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An attraction is a feature which makes something interesting or desirable. Attraction, in one or the other way keeps us going in life. Attraction may be towards anything, but this is what makes us love ourselves and our life and make us want to live. Attraction for the opposite sex is what keeps cycle of life going.

Fact 1: Not all type of attractions between two individual are sexual attractions. Some common types of attractions are listed below:

  • Sexual Attraction: It is desire to be in a sexual contact with the other person.
  • Romantic Attraction or commonly called ‘Love’: This is an attraction towards another individual both emotionally and physically.
  • Crushes: It is a desire to have a romantic relationship with someone. This kind of attraction might be temporary and may be never expressed. This type of attraction might occur when someone feels the other person is perfect however not sure if they are perfect for them, or has a fear of being rejected.
  • Squishes: It is a non romantic crush with just a desire to be with someone. For example: some kids get attracted to other and constantly keep running to those kids and try to grab their attention.
  • Sensual Attraction: It is an attraction to do sensual things (but not sexual) with certain individual or may be even animals. For example: The feeling you get when you see a fluffy kitten.
  • Aesthetic Attraction: An attraction which is not a desire or is not sexual or romantic. It is an attraction happened when you truly feel that the person or a thing is very attractive. For example: You see a blazing car you can’t take your eyes off it. This can happen with you even when you see an attractive person and you may not need to be sexually attracted to them but you appreciate their good looks.

Fact 2: Some of the signs which are read through the body language which are seen as attractive to the potential partners are:

  • I’m open.
  • I’m harmless.
  • I’m interested.
  • I’m approachable.
  • I’m fertile.

Fact 3: The region of the brain that is responsible for romantic attraction and decision making is medial prefrontal cortex. When someone is attracted to another individual, a lot of activity is seen in this region.

Fact 4: Sexual attraction cannot be controlled. However, it can be educated.

Fact 5: ‘Interpersonal Attraction’ is the kind of attraction to have a positive feeling about the person in any forms like respect, love, trust etc.

Fact 6: Being able to trust someone is the most attractive quality in anyone in any aspect. Whether it’s sexual attraction, friendship or a business relationship, trust is what every attraction and relation needs.

Fact 7: Researches say that women are most attractive in the age of 18 years.

Fact 8: According to some survey, the age is not really a matter of consideration for women when getting attracted to a Man. Men find women above 22 years less attractive and greater the age the attractiveness reduces for men in women. Men are just too greedy in this matter.

Fact 9: Being attractive is not just about good looks. The passion, confidence and overall social attitude are also a major fact. After all, life is not about having kids anymore. Each one of us has a social life.

Fact 10: The attraction of an insect towards the light is what results in ‘Phototaxis’. Phototaxis is a locomotory movement that occurs when a whole organism moves towards or away from the source of light.

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