Facts About National Dog Day

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National Dog Day is all about celebrating and remembering all the good things that these helpful friends do for us. Dogs have always been considered as man’s best friend and to spread this message to all the people, a day has been devoted as National Dog Day.

Fact 1 Dogs – Man’s Best Friend For Life

National Dog Day is perhaps the first holiday of its kind when we honor our pet dogs for all the great things they do for their masters. There are innumerable instances where one’s own family members and friends have left an ailing person, but his pet dog guards him till the end. It is time for humans to recognize the selfless love and protection that these dogs offer us.

Fact 1 When Is National Dog Day Celebrated

Colleen Page, Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal advocate is the founder of National Dog Day. It all began in 2004 has been celebrated on the 26th of August for the past 11 years. But this year the date had to be changed as it coincided with Women’s Equality Day. In order to give importance to both the events the National Dog Day was celebrated on the 31st of August this year and Women’s Equality Day on the 26th of August.

Fact 2 Why Is National Dog Day Celebrated

The intention of celebrating the National Dog Day is mainly to honor dogs for their support in every sphere of human life, starting from baby care to guarding houses and warding off miscreants in large areas and factories and also helping in tracking down criminals. Dogs help us in innumerable ways that cannot be repaid except by loving them, caring for them and finding good homes for them.

This special day is dedicated to these helpful creatures and to encourage all pet lovers especially dog lovers to stop discriminating between pure and mixed breeds. It is our duty to offer them a safe and abuse-free life. If they can shower their endless love on their owners, can’t we too give them a happy life?

There are many government and private NGOs that work for the homeless stray dogs and those that are born on the roads. They find good homes for them through adoption drives and keep them in shelters looking after their health and food requirements till they find new homes.

The National Dog Day foundation strives to rescue abandoned and stray dogs and offer them a safe life. To make people everywhere aware of the great help that we enjoy from our pets and to appreciate and recognize their invaluable services like helping the blind, spotting bombs and drugs, etc. this day is celebrated with great zeal every year. About 10,000 homeless dogs are rescued by the foundation yearly.

President George W. Bush, a dog owner himself, sent a letter to the foundation in support of National Dog Day.

Fact 3 Affects Of Celebrating This Day

President George W. Bush has a great support for this event as he is also a dog owner. It has been found that National Dog Day Celebrations have worked well to arouse the feelings of love and care towards not only their own pets, but all homeless dogs that are in need of homes and loving care.

This special day is also a kind of agitation for “breed-ban.” Dogs should not be abused as they are local or crossbreeds. They are equally efficient and caring as the well known breeds. They are the ones that put their lives before others on the roads to enforce law and order, help the blind to cross the roads and pull out ailing people from accident sites and wreckages. All participants at the National Dog Day events discourage the buying of dogs from pet stores, but encourage them to offer loving homes to stray and homeless dogs that really need your help.

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