Facts About National Ice Cream Day

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Ice creams are one of the most favorites of summer treats for everyone around the world. You will even see infants sharing their ice creams with their pets, especially dogs that love them also.

Fact 1 When Is National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day was declared by President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America in July 1984. It was a Presidential Proclamation 5219. Every year the month of July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day. The dates may vary according to the calendar of each year like 14th or 19th of July (as it was in this year 2015). In the proclamation, President Reagan appealed to all Americans to observe this special day amidst great merriment and activities to make it one of the most enjoyable events.

Fact 2 History Of Ice Creams

People have been enjoying ice creams for a long time. We get references of various emperors and kings enjoying this dessert way back in 356 B.C. But it was now like the awesome ice creams that we get today. It has been said that Alexander the Great loved to have ice or snow that was flavored with honey and nectar around 356 and 323 B.C.

It is believed that the famous Emperor Nero of Rome (54 to 68 A.D.) was perhaps the first human who enjoyed ice creams as desserts. He ordered his men to bring ice and snow from the mountain tops and stored them in separate rooms that stood under his palace and whenever he wished to have this dessert he would use fruit toppings to make them all the more delicious.

During his expeditions, Marco Polo tried ice cream in China and enjoying the dessert he brought this idea back to his country Italy between 1254 and 1324.

An Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici married King Henry II of France and she became the Queen of France. Thus she brought with her this special dessert to France around 1660.

It has been stated that in early 1896 in New York City, Italo Marchinoy sold ice in cones and had applied for patenting his ice cream cone. However, some are of the opinion that Charles E. Minches of St. Louis served the first ice cream cones by filling pastry cones with scoops of ice creams at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

Fact 3 National Ice Cream Day In America

It has been estimated that more than 10% of milk produced in the United States is used in making ice creams. The favorite flavor is Vanilla and some love to top it up with chocolate syrup. Retailers as well as consumers are encouraged by the IICA to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July as well as the National Ice Cream Day that falls on the same month. This contributes to the well-being of the dairy industry in America. In the beginning the special day celebrations were intended for the year 1984 only. Later, after the Presidential Proclamation it is celebrated every year.

Fact 4 Popularity Of Ice Creams In The United States

After the American Revolution ice creams became a favorite dessert of the Americans. It has been found that people living in The States consume a larger amount of ice creams than any other nations of the entire world especially the people of Long Beach in California.

Fact 5

Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia invented the first home ice cream maker in 1843. It was not as sophisticated as we get today, but worked really well.

Fact 6

The largest ice cream sundae prepared in 1988 that created history weighed 24 tons. It was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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