Facts About Lymphoma

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Lymphoma is a blood type cancer affecting the immune system, attacking internal organs by developing massive tumors. It is one of the most frequent cancer diseases, affecting even children under 15 years. The treatment can be painful due to chemotherapy but research in curing the disease states positive results. However some of its causes still remain a mystery reason why some interesting facts have been discovered concerning this type of cancer.

Fact One: Alcohol reduces chances of getting lymphoma. It may sound unreal but actually this is true. According to a research studying nine control cases in US, UK, Italy and Sweeden alcohol, of course on a moderate consumption, can be really helpful in reducing the chances of developing a lymphoma tumor. The interesting fact is that an average person who consumes 28 drinks per week has 25% diminished chances of getting lymphoma than a non drinker.

Fact Two: 90% of sub Saharan African children suffer of HIV/AIDS. Lymphoma has a high risk of developing on persons suffering from AIDS. Lymphoma is installing after the immune system is weak and attacked by infections. At children it is transmitted through infected mothers and by breast feedings. Worldwide there are 3 million children infected with AIDS and therefore exposed at high risk of getting lymphoma.

Fact Three: T-cells lymphoma is also called promiscuous lymphoma. Oncologist doctor Francine Foss stated in an interview that this name came up is attributed to lymphoma because of its capacities of disguising, being very hard to diagnose.

Fact Four: University of Tennessee’s baseball team gathered over 15.000$ at a fundraise for Leukimia&Lymphoma Society. UT baseball team collected donations at its last three games in Orange and White Worldwide Series in the fall of 2009, also participating at the annual Light the Night walk, helping Leukimia&Lymphoma Society fundraise money for patients in need.

Fact Five: One of the most young patients has 5 years old. His sad story began after he was diagnosed at only 5 years old. His story got even worse when lymphoma reappeared during his treatment. His only hope was a clinical trial involving a new drug. although parents were skeptical, a miracle occurred and patient respond to the drug in only 48 hours. His evolution started from not being able to get out of bed to running like a healthy child at his age.

Fact Six: Aromatic hydrocarbons inhaled by smokers can increase chances of developing lymphoma. New studies are in progress researching the risk exposure to lymphoma at smokers. Doctor Ronald B. Gartenhaus has discovered some links between cigarets and some genetic mutations favoring lymphoma. He managed to collect 300.000$ for his clinical trial.

Fact Seven: Pregnant woman was diagnosed with vaginal dysplastic changes instead of lymphoma. The 38 years old woman was pregnant in 27 weeks when she accused bleeding and injuries. Firstly she was diagnosed incorrectly but discovering lymphoma she followed a chemotherapy treatment and safely delivered her child.

Fact Eight: Males are more likely to develop lymphoma. According to The National Cancer Institute after a published statistic sheet, male deaths per 100.000 people diagnosed with lymphoma are 0.2% higher than female deaths.

Fact Nine: Stem cell transplant could cure follicular lymphoma. Researchers of ongoing studies have announced that some improvements have been made in the clinical trial, investigating the possibility to heal lymphoma by stem cell transplant.

Fact Ten: Dogs can be treated of lymphoma. A new revolutionary discovery was made after specialists Veterinary Health Complex at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine successfully managed to perform a canine bone marrow transplant. Although the transplant itself is painless the recovery period starts from two weeks after the procedure is done.

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