Facts About Life After Death

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Mortality is an inevitable phenomenon that all living beings have to face. Whether early or late, all those who live must die. But what happens after death is a question that has been asked by most people around the world and often they found their answers in the various religions that advocate the theory of life after death.

Fact 1 Reincarnation
Life after death is a mystery and is not easy to unfold. Experiences point out to the fact that there is some truth in the idea of life after death. It is referred to as reincarnation. In all cases of reincarnation it has been proved that there was a time difference between the death and rebirth of a person on earth. Hence curiosity arises naturally about the planes where one goes right after death and before returning back to the earth. Are there many planes or a single plane where all mortals need to spend some time before their reincarnation? If there are many planes then what determines the place where one will go?

Fact 2 Religion And Beliefs
All the major religions of the world agree on the fact that man is mortal. Philosophy and spiritual treatises have always sought to find out the truth regarding life after death. It is such a subject that every other person is eager to know what happens to the soul after death. It does not matter who you are, the fate of all mortals is death.
Many of the religions portray death in a glamorous way. According to them, if one leads a good life and maintains the path set by the Almighty, he/she is sure to be rewarded. They often express that after death, one gains supernatural powers being united with the All-powerful God. Death is elucidated as being more attractive than life but to attain that glorious life of freedom and exaltation, one must follow the path of truth as set in the religious books of all religions.

Some believe in death as a natural process and to comfort the people who have lost their dear ones or is nearing death, speak about the happiness that one enjoys after death for being united with God.

Fact 3 Four Basic Bodies
Researchers are always trying to find out concrete answers and proofs about what happens to living beings after death. They say that man has 4 basic bodies namely:
1. Physical body consisting of limbs, ears, nose, etc.
2. Mental body that can think and reason, feel happy or sad and the like.
3. Intellectual or causal body that tries to reason and solve problems.
4. Subtle ego or super-casual that deals with one’s personal thoughts and ego.

Fact 4 What Happens After Death

Death does not always come slowly or with prior intimations. Those who die of diseases or prolonged sickness or have grown very old, then that situation is more or less handled by the near and dear ones as they prepare themselves beforehand to face the situation. It is believed that if a person who gets a pre-warning of his own death is lucky as he can at least spent his last hours praying to God for mercy and forgiveness of his sins and to accept him in his realm of eternal happiness. But those who meet death suddenly by accidents etc do not attain salvation easily.
Hence most religions and spiritual seers urge man to follow the path of righteousness so that he does not have to suffer after death because God punishes sinners. After death, the physical body perishes but the soul remains carrying with it all the deeds that he had performed during his lifetime only to be rewarded or punished by the Great God.

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