Facts About Mexican Culture

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Mexico is one of the most interesting tourists’ destinations as it has a lot to offer its travelers. Mexico covers a huge area and so the population is also quite large that comprises of mostly Amerindian-Spanish people or Mestizo and the Amerindians who are only 30% and the 9% population is white. Hence the culture of Mexico is unique and is really special.

Fact 1
Mexico has a rich cultural background and boasts of its history as well. It is a combination of artistic expressions of the native legends and Spanish culture that makes it so interesting and unique. However, there have been various changes in the lifestyle of the Mexicans but their vibrant nature and cultural activities still exist.

Fact 2 Languages Spoken By The Mexicans
Most of the people of Mexico speak Spanish today. But some speak other languages like Mayan and Nahuatl. Some of the words like chocolate, avocado, tomato etc have been derived from this language.

Fact 3 Religion
Mexican culture is based on various religious values. They have faith on the Church and respect family values too. Most of the people are Catholics while some still follow the pre-Hispanic elements of Mayan. The Christian community in Mexico includes Jehovah’s Witnesses, Presbyterians, Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists, Methodists, Lutherans and Anglicans. There are some who belong to the Buddhist, Jew or Muslim communities.

Fact 4 Importance Of Hierarchy And Family
Unlike today’s families, Mexicans especially all those who live in the suburbs, live together in a joint family. They respect family values and are extremely responsible towards their family members including cousins and good friends. Male dominance is a part of Mexican culture and the head of the family efficiently takes care of every member irrespective of age or sex. They are helpful people and try to maintain harmony among themselves as well as those around. Although it becomes difficult for the new generation to listen to whatever elders say, they usually obey them as they treat their parents with great reverence.

Fact 5 Mexican Food
Mexican delicacies have become famous worldwide today and the traditional items bear the cultural basics of the Mexicans. The staple diet of most people includes tortillas, rice, beans, tomatoes, chili peppers and chorizo, sausages etc. European influence has changed the eating habits of the upper-classes and they enjoy a variety of cuisines. Mexican food is famous for the unique spices that they use. Mexico has a flourishing beverage industry and so drinking Soda is quite popular here. Mexico is famous for its Tequila as well.

Fact 6 Art And Literature Of Mexico
Mexican culture is enriched with Mayan traditional art. The paintings are extremely popular all over the world. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are well known artists of Mexico. Their works are full of colors that depict the vibrant lifestyle of Mexicans. Colorful rugs and baskets, embroidered garments, clay pottery portrays folk art of Mexico. Mexicans are very proud of their heritage and have therefore preserved their traditional forms of music. The booming sounds of ancient Aztec’s drums and the various ceremonies are typical of Mexican culture.

Fact 7 Mexicans Are Fashion Conscious
Mexico has produced famous fashion designers like Julia Renata and others and they follow international fashion trends. Women living in the urban areas wear clothes that are in fashion in the United States and Europe. Their original attires too have always been stylish. Women wear skirts, sleeveless tunics, capes and shawls. Men’s clothing has always been on the top of the fashion list.

Fact 8 Legends Portray Mexican Culture
The well known legend of Mexico that shows the life and culture and beliefs of the people is the legend about the God named Quetzalcoalt. He is the prominent figure in Mexican Cosmology.

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