Facts About Lamborghini

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Think Lamborghini and the words of Frank Sinatra come to mind, “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.” Well, it is common knowledge that a Lamborghini is one of the priced-possessions of the richest among the rich! No kidding, considering that these cars can make you anywhere around $200, 000 to $500, 000 poorer!

Fact 1:
Many people might be aware that Lamborghini is named after its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini; but what many might not be aware was that he invented these cars because he was not fully satisfied with what Ferrari had to offer!! A highly successful tractor manufacturer, Ferruccio loved fast cars and was the proud owner of Maserati and Ferrari cars.

Fact 2:
The multiple repairs he had to perform on his Ferrari got Ferruccio looking for the perfect sports car. The discovery that its clutch was the same as that used in his tractor inspired him to design his own cars. And thus was born the Lamborghini designed to overcome the imperfections of other sports car, including Ferrari!!

Fact 3:
Thanks to their cost, Lamborghini’s are a rare sight anywhere in the world. Well, not exactly! You can see more than a few of these cars in a small village near Bologna in Italy. To be more precise, 32kms north from Bologna in the village called Sant’Agata. This is the headquarters of Lamborghini’s manufacturing unit.

Fact 4:
Automobil Lamborghini was founded in 1963 and continued to be an independent entity. However, in 1978, it went bankrupt and was bought over by Chrysler in 1987. In fact, Chrysler is credited with the design of the Intrepid, which was a further development on the Portofino, which it developed after taking over Lamborghini – an attempt at 4-door Lambos.

Fact 5:
The sun sign of Ferruccio is Taurus and that explains the logo of Lamborghini – the bull. In fact, this is also considered the reason behind most model names – Miura, Diablo, Gallardo, and Murcielago; all names of fighting bulls!

Fact 6:
The most popular model of the Lamborghini is the Gallardo, followed by the Murcielago. In the year 2008, this esteemed sports car manufacturer accomplished a record sales of 2, 430! Of these 1800 were Gallardo and the remaining 630 were Murcielago.

Fact 7:
Murcielago is considered the entity’s flagship model and its latest version can make your bank accounts lighter by 300, 000 Euros. Termed the Murcielago SV, it is considered a super speed mean machine; the SV stands for “Super Volce” or in simple English “Super Fast”. It can touch 60 mph or about 100 kmph in just 3.2 seconds and can attain a top speed of 212 mph or 342kph! Except its roof and doors that are made of steel, the entire car is made of carbon fiber.

Fact 8:
If you are wondering what makes these cars so special and so perfect – the answer lies in the hands of 130-odd technicians who hand-craft these mean machines before they reach the market!

Fact 9:
Almost all the cars from Lamborghini come integrated with its legendary V12 engine. However, its most popular model the Gallardo has only a V10 engine. The Silhouette was the last car to be manufactured with a V8 engine.

Fact 10:
The costliest Lamborghini is the Reventon that comes with a price tag of $1, 600, 000. Now you know why it is the car of the super-rich! However, Lamborghini does offer two of its Gallardo cars to the Italian state police. These are used to transport “transplant organs” to needy patients. The car’s luggage compartment, although tiny, serves this great purpose. And I guess, Lamborghini’s biggest issues – ‘speed’ and ‘police’, don’t matter when it comes to this!

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