Facts About Raphael

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Raphael is a famous Italian Renaissance painter and architect. Born in Urbino, Italy as Raffaello Sanzo, Raphael is known for many of his “Madonna” paintings and is considered a great rival to other artists like Michelangelo. The following are facts related to Raphael and his work:

Fact 1: Raphael was Perugino’s assistant and apprentice. Perugino himself is a famous painter and it was through him that the young Raphael honed his skills in Renaissance art and painting. As a young boy, Raphael is said to have been taught basic painting by his father Giovanni Santi but his apprenticeship with Perugino made him one of the most famous Renaissance painters of all time.

Fact 2: Raphael died on his birthday. Raphael was only 37 years old when he died of syphilis in the city of Rome in Italy back in April 6, 1520. Raphael was also engaged at the time of his death.

Fact 3: Raphael was the original choice painter of the Sistine Chapel walls. With Raphael’s refusal to do this work, the job was eventually given to Michelangelo. Many of Raphael’s work are still on display at the same chapel.

Fact 4: The young Raphael was a people-pleaser. He was known to be friendly and sociable. Some even see Raphael as a party-goer and happy person which is very much the opposite of his rival Michelangelo who became known as a kind of loner.

Fact 5: Raphael is also a great architect. Most people may have known Raphael for his paintings but he is also a skilful architect in Rome. He was hired by the pope to work on the designs of various chapels like Santa Maria del Popolo among many others. Raphael also used his architectural skills in designing non-religious buildings in Rome.

Fact 6: Raphael was not liked by his rival Michelangelo. Many people considered them as rivals because of their talent in Renaissance art. Michelangelo himself also considered Raphael’s paintings as plagiarized versions of his work.

Fact 7: Raphael was close to at least two popes. Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X were friends with Raphael and this eventually led to several projects for the painter and architect in various chapels and buildings in Rome.

Fact 8: The death of Raphael was celebrated at the Vatican because of his closeness to the pope and his contributions to the church. His last painting called “Transfiguration” was even placed on his coffin during his funeral in Rome.

Fact 9: Raphael was already famous for his painting works as a young child. Growing up in Urbino, Raphael learned basic painting from his father and was said to have received praises for his early works. During his childhood, he was considered one of Urbino’s skilled painters and artists.

Fact 10: Raphael also painted portraits including that of the pope. He is more famous for his Madonna paintings but he also had portraits like that of Pope Julius II which was considered very unique at the time. This portrait eventually became the model for succeeding portraits by other artists.

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