Facts about Isaiah the Prophet

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Hailed as the ‘œShakespeare of Prophets’ and the ‘œMessianic Prophet’, Isaiah was given the gift of seeing the future. This gift came from God himself and was meant for the benefit of mankind. Here are some interesting facts about Isaiah the Prophet.

Fact 1: Isaiah the Prophet was a Hebrew born in Jerusalem 700 years before Christ.

Fact 2: He lived during a time of great political turmoil when the Assyrians conquered the Northern part of the Jewish homeland.

Fact 3: Isaiah wrote the first 39 chapters of the Bible’s ‘œBook of Isaiah’ and predicted the coming of Christ to save mankind.

Fact 4: Isaiah accurately predicted the virgin birth, rejection, and death of Christ. He also predicted that Christ would be preceded by a messenger, known as John the Baptist.

Fact 5: Isaiah accurately predicted the worldwide Jewish dispersion, persecution, and eventual return to Jerusalem.

Fact 6: He predicted that the Babylonian Empire would be permanently overthrown. This happened in 539 BC, almost two hundred years after Isaiah was born.

Fact 7: Isaiah also predicted that Babylon would be reduced to swampland. In the 1800s, archaeologist excavated parts of the empire, finding it well under the water table.

Fact 8: Isaiah means ‘œYahweh is Salvation’ in Hebrew.

Fact 9: Isaiah’s ministry lasted for 40-60 years, possibly longer.

Fact 10: Isaiah’s persecutors sawed him in half.

Fact 11: Isaiah was a descendant of the royal house of Judah.

Fact 12: Isaiah’s contemporaries were the prophets Amos, Hosea, and Micha.

Fact 13: Isaiah is the most quoted prophet in the New Testament.

Fact 14: Isaiah received his prophecies as visions from God.

Fact 15: Isaiah was married and had two children.

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