Facts about Insects

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Inhabiting almost every part of the world, insects are more peculiar in their occurrence and science than any other living being on the planet. They have versatile behaviors and interesting facts that make them fascinating for the people of all ages.  

Fact 1:

The butterflies that usually fly at night, called as the ‘œnight butterflies’ have their ears on their wings so that they can avoid to be eaten up by bats. (Funology)

Fact 2:

There are a total of approximately 1 million different kinds of insects that outnumber the total species of plants and animals combined. (Funology)

Fact 3:

Antarctica is the only continent where bees do not exist!! (Science Kids)

Fact 4:

Cockroach is the earliest fossil found dating at 80 million years before the existence of dinosaurs and it has been very adaptive since then, with no or little changes. (Animal Planet)

Fact 5:

Cockroaches are hard press insects. They can continue to live up to a period of 9 days without a head. They eventually croak of hunger. (S.F, 2009)

Fact 6:

The Artic Tern is a summer insect. In search of hot habitat, it flies from the North Pole to the South Pole to spend one summer there and then back from South Pole to North Pole to spend another summer, thus completing one year. (S.F, 2009)

Fact 7:

There are some insects that can turn their heads left and right, some cannot even do that. But the Praying Mantis is an amazing insect that can turn its head 360 degrees. (S.F, 2009)

Fact 8:

Silkworm is used to obtain silk and the metallic-colored wings of some beetles are used for making jewelry! (Indianchild.com)

Fact 9:

Flies have taste buds on their feet! They use their feet for tasting in the same way as humans use their tongues. (Indianchild.com)

Fact 10:

A flea is able to jump 130 times more than its own original height! (Indianchild.com)

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