What is CMSP?

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CMSP or County Medical Services Program refers to a health care services program provided by the participating counties in the state of California in the US for individuals and families that are classified as poor or indigent.  Formed back in 1983, the CMSP aims to deliver much-needed health care services for those who are in need in the state of California.

In terms of eligibility, people who are aged 21 up to 64 years of age may avail of the benefits under CMSP.  This group of people must also have enough proof that they are truly indigent and poor.  Incomes must be 200% below the designated poverty level as per Federal law.  Claimants of CMSP benefits must also not have other medical benefits such as those provided by Medi-Cal.  In terms of property, individuals applying for CMSP benefits must have a total of only 2000 dollars of consolidated liquid assets such as cash and bank accounts.  Anything that goes beyond the standard requirements means denial of CMSP benefits.  Otherwise, property and eligibility issues may be consulted with the county’s social services department.

CMSP benefits can only be availed once a person has his/her own BIC or Benefits Information Card along with an ID from Anthem Blue Cross Insurance, the primary care provider under the CMSP.  Using the CMSP identification cards, one may now avail of medical consultations, emergency services, and other health services that are covered under the program.  The main restriction is that non-emergency cases must be availed from health care providers that are part of the Anthem Blue Cross insurance network.  For normal health conditions, the benefits under CMSP basically work the same with other health insurance providers.  In special cases wherein some conditions may need additional approval or some services availed is not part of standard coverage, additional paperwork may be necessary to secure the approval of these cases.  These concerns are typically coordinated with Med Impact for non-covered medication and with the county’s social services department for non-covered health cases.

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