Facts About Golden Retrievers

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This article orients you about the Golden Retrievers’ origins, nature, and behavior that are very important and very interesting to know.

Fact 1. Because Golden Retrievers are very friendly and loving to almost anybody they meet, they make poor guards. They are very unlikely to make an attack. But Golden Retrievers do make up for being a nice watchdog because of their loudness when trying to signal a stranger coming close.

Fact 2. The ears of a Golden Retriever are very big that if you pull them forward, its tip should cover the dog’s eyes.

Fact 3. The teeth of the Golden Retriever will meet in a scissors bite.

Fact 4. The Golden Retriever likes to be a pack leader. If he is not trained well mentally and physically, he may have very bad behaviors like being very destructive or jittery. A healthy Golden Retriever should be calm, confident, and firm.

Fact 5. Certain owners of Golden Retrievers in the U.S.A. sometimes neuter their canines to avoid overpopulation of the dog. They also try to neuter them to maintain a good and behaved dog since Golden Retrievers may want to mate with other dogs they see.

Fact 6. Golden Retrievers are particularly prone to developing certain problems in the joints and bones, such as cancer, hip dysplasias, tears in the ligaments, etc. Neutering or spaying them (removing their testes or ovaries) may increase these risks.

Fact 7. Golden Retrievers will easily gain weight if you do not control their eating habits.

Fact 8. The best way to improve the behavior of Golden Retrievers and to avoid any signs of hyperactivity is to keep them physically fit. Exercise your Golden Retrievers regularly by taking them for a walk or having them along with you while you jog.

Fact  9. The Golden Retriever originated from Scotland and was a crossbreed between the Yellow Flat-Coated dogs with the extinct dog known as the Tweed Water Spaniel. They were then crossbred again using the Bloodhound, the Irish Setter, and the Tweed Water Spaniel.

Fact 10. Golden Retrievers were once called the Golden Flat-Coats during the 18th century.

Fact 11. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the U.S.A. and Canada, second only to the Labrador.

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