What is a Key Club in high school?

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Key Club is a service organization among high school students.  Its main objective is to teach student leadership skills by means of involvement in service-based projects in the community.  Key Clubs in various high schools across the world are considered one of the oldest service organizations involving high school students.  Key Club is also part of Kiwanis International, a larger, non-profit organization for adult volunteers involved in providing service to the community.

The first Key Club in the U.S. was formed back in 1925 by Albert Olney and Frank Vincent.  Back then, Olney was the Commissioner of Schools in the state of California while Vincent was a teacher in vocational education.  When Key Clubs were formed in high schools back then, only male members were admitted.  It was only in 1977 when Key Clubs across the U.S. were officially ‘co-ed.’

Members of Key Clubs typically organize and join various activities that promote leadership and provide community service.  In recent years, the service goal of the organization has focused towards children.  Back in 2004, the service initiative of the organization was aimed at child safety, and so activities and programs were focused on helping children and parents get information relating to this concern.  Key Club members were spread out in various areas of their own community to educate people on car safety and accident prevention among many other topics.  In other years, the focus was on health, and so Key Club members took part in seminars and trainings that tackled various health topics including obesity in children, risks in developing various diseases, and even nutritional campaigns.  Key Clubs also organize conventions and seminars among its members to help them gain more knowledge and training and, at the same time, mingle with the other members of the organization.  Through all these activities and events, high school student members of Key Clubs will be able to develop leadership skills and a passion for community service.

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