Facts About Gold

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Gold is an alluring metal that has countless applications and uses. Most notably, it is used for making ornaments which are usually very costly compared to other ornaments. Here are some amazing things you did not know about gold:

Fact 1: Gold is highly malleable and soft, and one ounce can be easily stretched to form a 10- mile-long wire or a flat sheet of 100 sq. feet.

Fact 2: Due to its softness, a strong person can easily shape it by squeezing it. Hence, gold was used by many artisans all over the globe for a very long time.

Fact 3: Gold has excellent physical properties that make it a reliable and excellent conductor, especially in harsh settings, where there are high temperatures.

Fact 4: Gold conducts thermal energy better than any other metal. It is utilized in most electronic processes for drawing heat safely away from the delicate parts. In fact, the engine nozzles of the Space Shuttles are made using a 30 percent gold alloy.

Fact 5: Apart from caesium and copper, gold is also a non-white metal. The attractive and warm color of gold has promoted its popular use in making decorative pieces.

Fact 6: Amazingly, gold is virtually indestructible. It is actually listed amongst non-reactive metals. This means gold will never tarnish or rust.

Fact 7: Most of the mined gold is made into jewelry. While 70 percent is used for producing jewelry, only 15 percent is used for producing coins.

Fact 8: Gold is also used in making many electrical products like televisions and computers. This is because it is durable, and it has a high level of electrical and thermal conductivity.

Fact 9: When gold is combined with other different metals to make alloys, it changes color and can take on a wide range of hues that include orange-red, to white, to silver-white.

Fact 10: Despite being very soft, gold is incredibly heavy and dense such that 1 cubic foot weighs about 500 kg.

Gold is also associated with richness and great wealth, and only a few people in society own this truly amazing metal.

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