Facts About Israel

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Israel is a very small country, and it is ranked number 100 due to its small size. In fact, Wales is actually bigger than Israel. Other interesting facts that you probably did not know about Israel are listed in the following article:

Fact 1: Over 20 percent of Israeli employees hold university degrees. Hence, the number of people with degrees is very high compared to other countries.

Fact 2: Israel has produced nine Nobel Peace Prize winners. The last five of these Nobel prizes were actually awarded very recently in the 21st century.

Fact 3: Interestingly, Israel produces 90 percent of its food requirements. This means that it does not rely heavily on importing foodstuffs.

Fact 4: Israel boasts of having the greatest population to university degree ratio in the whole world, which makes it a highly educated nation.

Fact 5: Israel has many companies currently listed on the NYSE than other countries after America and Canada.

Fact 6: Israel gets a lot more coverage by the media per capita than other countries.

Fact 7: Israel boasts of having more museums than other countries of the world.

Fact 8: A leading Israeli company has developed an automated computerized system to ensure better administration of medicine, hence eliminating human error from treatment. Each year in American hospitals, over 5,000 patients pass away due to treatment mistakes.

Fact 9: With many high-tech start-ups and companies, Israel boasts a very high concentration of technology companies apart from Silicon Valley. Furthermore, the innovative Windows NT OS was largely developed in Israel.

Fact 10: Israel absorbs the most immigrants compared to other developed nations on Earth. Most of the immigrants are usually looking for economic opportunities, democracy, and religious freedom.

As you can clearly see, there is a lot more to Israel than meets the eye.

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