Facts About Ghost Crabs


The article talks about certain interesting facts related to Ghost Crabs. The facts stated in this article may not be defined as common knowledge regarding Ghost Crabs, but they are facts that are interesting to know.

Fact 1. Ghost Crabs have the ability to blend in with places where they live like beaches of sand and dunes.

Fact 2. Ghost Crabs can run/crawl at a speed of 10 miles per hour, making them very fast in running away.

Fact 3. Their eyes can see from all angles. We’re talking about an ability to be able to see completely from all 360 degree angles simultaneously

Fact 4. Ghost Crabs cannot see properly for things above them, but they may still be hard to catch if they notice you sneaking up on them.

Fact 5. Ghost Crabs eat other species of crabs, lizards, clams, and insects

Fact 6. Ghost Crab tunnels are very deep. We’re talking about a tunnel that is three to four feet in depth. Sometimes their tunnels can even touch water levels when they burrow.

Fact 7. Ghost Crabs can hold their breath for six weeks by loading up their special sacs on their gills with oxygen. Sometimes Ghost Crabs do this when it’s wintertime while hiding inside their burrows.

Fact 8. Although Ghost Crabs can move very fast and catch most of their prey on the beach, they cannot swim.

Fact 9. A Ghost Crab’s most usual predator is birds and small mammals like raccoons.

Fact 10. Ghost Crabs are not an endangered species.

Fact 11. You almost cannot see any Ghost Crabs running along the beach or dunes in the winter.

Fact 12. Ghost Crabs are mostly nocturnal. They eat their caught victims at night.

Fact 13. Most Ghost Crab populations are decimated by erosion and bulldozing certain sandy areas on beaches.

Fact 14. Ghost Crabs got their name in the latter part of the 17th century when most of the members of their species were collected for study in Jamaica.

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