What are the uses of copper?

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Copper is a metallic element that is red or orange in color and soft in terms of texture.  The term ‘copper’ comes from the word ‘cuprum’ which has reference to its origins in Cyprus. For centuries, this particular element was widely used by various industries because of its various properties including high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, and high resistance to corrosion, strength, toughness, and recyclability among many others.

With its high electrical conductivity, copper is commonly used in the making of wires.  Along with its malleability and non-magnetic properties, copper is deemed very useful in the manufacture of various electrical wiring, parts, and equipment.  Various home appliances, for example, are sure to have various parts that are made of copper, and these parts include wires and tubes, among others.  Copper is also widely used in plumbing parts and systems. This also means that various parts of one’s kitchen or bathroom, for example, have materials and parts that are made of copper.  With its toughness and strength, copper is also commonly found in various car parts including the brakes, bearings, and the engine itself.  More than one kilometer of the wiring in automobiles is made of copper, and various car parts are also made of this very useful metal. A combination of other chemicals or metals to form alloys is also good when copper is involved.  This is especially true for metals like zinc, nickel, and tin. When these metals are combined with copper, they provide various beneficial properties including toughness and anti-corrosion.

Copper is sourced from various mines or may be extracted from other rocks and minerals that contain this particular metal.  Various parts of the world including: Chile, Mexico, the U.S., and Indonesia have large copper deposits.  There is also a vast reserve across many parts of the world when it comes to copper deposits, but the best thing about copper is that it is highly recyclable, and much of the copper requirements in the world today are served by recycled parts of this metal.

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