Facts About Georgia

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Fact 1: Georgia was founded on February 12th,  1733 by James Oglethorpe. Georgia attained Statehood in the year 1788 on January 2nd as the fourth State.

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English Conversation About A Landmark

Fact 2:  
The capital of the State of Georgia since 1868 is Atlanta. Georgia is also called the Empire State of the South or the Peach State.

Fact 3:
The population of Georgia, according to the census taken in the year 2010, was 9, 687,653. The State of Georgia occupies the ninth position in the population of the United States.

Fact 4:
The area of the land in Georgia is estimated to be around 57, 513 square miles according to the 2010 census. The State has a coastline of 100 miles.

Fact 5:
The highest point in the State is the Brasstown Bald, which is at 4,784 feet while the lowest point is sea level at the Atlantic coast. Georgia has 159 counties.

Fact 6:
The Brown Thrasher is the national bird of Georgia, and its State flower is the Cherokee rose. The Tree of the State is the Live Oak, and the State vegetable is the Vidalia onion.

Fact 7:
State fruit of Georgia is the peach and the State crop is the peanut. The reptile of the State is the Gopher Tortoise. The Largemouth Bass is the State fish of Georgia. Staurolite is the mineral of the State.

Fact 8: The largest cities in Georgia are Columbus, Macon, Augusta, Atlanta, Savannah, and Albany.

Fact 9: About 70 percent of the total State is occupied by forests. The annual rainfall in Georgia is about 44 to 50 inches.

Fact 10:
Georgia stands in third position in producing bauxite in the entire world. Georgia is recognized also as the tenth largest producer of paper and wood pulp in the entire world.

Fact 11:Georgia is in first place in producing peanuts in the United States. The State is the largest Kaolin clay supplier for the production of paper. The State is also the largest granite supplier in the United States.

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