Facts About Enzymes

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An enzyme is defined as a kind of protein that will help with the speeding up of the chemical reactions that will take place in the body. One of the best examples of this is when a person is chewing his food. The enzymes that are present during the breaking down of the food particles produce smaller pieces. Catalytic reactions are made by the enzymes that are present inside a person’s body.

Fact 1: Since an enzyme is a protein, then it means that it can be dissolved in water and can be diluted with the use of a salt solution.

Fact 2: Some of the kinds of enzymes are: oxidereductases, hydrolases, isomerases, transferases, lyases, and ligases.

Fact 3: Enzymes have the ability to change the level of reaction by decreasing the energy level of the activation.

Fact 4: The enzymes will be able to react with the compounds which are called substrates.

Fact 5: Though an enzyme is a kind of protein, it does not follow that all proteins are called enzymes.

Fact 6: If people heat food with the use of a microwave, the tendency is that the enzymes will be destroyed.

Fact 7: The number of enzymes that are catalyzing the cleavage of the substrate with an amount of water being added to the resulting molecules is called hydrolase.

Fact 8: Enzymes which are present in a chemical reaction are not being destroyed when they are used because they are going to be re-used again and again every time that there will be a chemical reaction.

Fact 9: Enzymes play an important role during the chemical reactions because they combine the molecules altogether, and when that happens, they will be able to react and make a chemical reaction.

Fact 10: One of the most important chemical reactions made by enzymes is the digestion of food because it results in the changing of different kinds of energy to be used by the body.

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