Facts About Bobcats

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Bobcats belong to the family of cats and are known to be a dangerous, carnivorous animal living in most of the connecting places of the United States.

Fact 1: The habitats of bobcats are being destroyed by the improvement and development of agricultural places and forests.

Fact 2: The bobcats got their name because of their tail which is described as being a ‘œbobbed’ tail. The measure of their tail ranges from 1 to 2 inches only.

Fact 3: The bobcats have the ability to live near humans because there are times that they will dig holes to be able to come into the yard and disturb chickens.

Fact 4: The scientific name of the bobcat is Felis rufus.

Fact 5: Bobcats normally make swamps and forests their habitats, and from there they will hunt smaller animals so that they would be able to survive.

Fact 6: Though bobcats are becoming extinct, the property owners who were being disturbed by bobcats are allowed to kill the bobcats that ruin their property as well as their farm animals and other poultry animals that they own.

Fact 7: The use of legal traps in catching a bobcat is prohibited by law. Unless the authorities have given people permission to do so, they are not allowed to set traps for bobcats.

Fact 8: They are known to have white fur, but because of the black spots that cover the bobcats, they appear to have black fur.

Fact 9: Spring is their normal mating season, but a female may produce her offspring after a gestation period ranging from 50 to 60 days.

Fact 10: They are able to produce 2 to 4 kittens, and those kittens will be able to leave their mother when the autumn comes the succeeding year.

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