Facts about Dylan O'Brien

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1. Dylan’s Mother is a Former Actress

Dylan O’Brien mother is the former actress, Lisa Rhodes who managed an acting school and his father, Patrick B. O’Brien is a camera operator. New York City is Dylan O’Brien’s birthplace but he grew up in New Jersey’s Union County, Springfield Township. At age 12, his family moved to California’s Hermosa Beach. Dylan O’Brien father’s ancestry is Irish while his mum has English, Spanish and Italian ancestry.

 2. Dylan wanted to go to Film School

Prior to becoming an actor, Dylan O’Brien had plans of attending film school to pursue cinematography, a career similar to his father’s. However, after he got the opportunity to play as Scott on Teen Wolf, before qualifying for Stiles later, he opted to put school on hold. Though he was initially considered to play as Scott, Dylan was keener in taking up the Stiles role.

 3. Dylan has an extensive following on YouTube

Dylan has produced, directed and played in a series of online comic shorts that have enabled him to develop an extensive following on YouTube. In 2011, he launched his ‘High Road’ film where he featured among the stars for this wholly improvised and independent Upright Citizens Brigade directed film.

 4. Dylan’s Initial Lead Role

Dylan’s initial lead role was in a comedy called ‘The First Time’ in 2012 where he played as Dave. Jon Kasdan directed this film. Dylan later took up a supporting role in the comedy called ‘The Internship’ in 2013 where he acted as Stuart, a tech expert. In 2014, Dylan headlined the adventure film called ‘The Maze Runner’ where he starred as Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter.

 5. Dylan originally auditioned for Scott on Teens Wolf

Though it is difficult to imagine O’Brien not playing the Stiles Stilinski role on Teens Wolf, he had originally auditioned to play Scott on this film. Holland Roden, who stars as Lydia on the show had auditioned for Allison’s role while Reed was actually the first actress who auditioned to play Allison.

 6. Dylan likes Stile’s Personality

When asked whether he would change anything about the personality of Stiles on the Teen Wolf series, Dylan said he would not mess with the personality, it is perfect. Dylan has been starring on the MTV show since it debuted in 2011.

 7. Dylan’s Favorite Moments on Teens Wolf

Dylan O’Brien’s favorite moment on Teen Wolf was when the show piloted. He describes the pilot as being blurred but also at the same time very vivid. Posey, who plays Scott also, had the pilot as his favorite moment while Roden said her favorite moment was the great set design of the white room in Season Three. The show’s pilot and Season One finale where Peter kills Kate were favorite moments for Reed. The hug between Stiles and Scott before Stiles got into the MRI machine were favorites for Davis, the film director.

 8. Dylan O’Brien wanted his friend for the Lead Role in Teen Wolf

Though Dylan was considered to play the lead role in the Teen Wolf show series, he actually wanted his best friend to take up that part. He got the role after auditioning four times and qualified to play as Stiles.

 9. Dylan Played Drums

Dylan plays drums for a band known as ‘Slow Kids at Play’. He is also a fan of the New York Mets according to his page on Twitter. He had auditioned to star in a major role in 2010 for the famous ‘Sweety High’ series to test his ability to act in real world.

 10. Dylan Met his Girlfriend while Filming

Since 2011, Dylan O’Brien has been dating Brit Robertson who he met during the filming of ‘The First Time’. His has an older sister, Julia, who is 16 months older than him.

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