Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

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1. The Best Football Player in the World

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player on the planet. Ronaldo is a Portugal legend and a football player who is recognized instantly across the world as a famous athlete. Ronaldo’s football career has been greatly successful featuring 3 Premier League titles, a La Liga title, 2 Champions League titles, 2 Ballon d’ Ors, 2 Copa del Rey Cups and much more.

 2. Ronaldo was Expelled from School

At age 14, Ronaldo was expelled from school after throwing a chair to a teacher. He did so because in his opinion, the teacher had disrespected him. After this incidence, his mum chose to have him focus on football only. This helped Ronaldo grow into a huge success as a football player.

3. His Career debuted from a Friendly Match

Ronaldo played in a friendly match against Manchester United ahead of the 2002/03 season. During the match, he captured the attention of the then Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, with his dazzling mode of play. By half time, Ferguson had decided to buy Ronaldo to play for his team. At age 18, United signed Ronald for 12 million pounds in 2003.

 4. His Name was borrowed from Ronald Reagan’s Name.

Though he is known as Cristiano Ronaldo to everyone, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is his full name. The name Ronaldo was borrowed from Ronald Reagan, who was a big fan of Ronaldo’s father. Ronaldo has been given several nicknames during his career including the Rocket, Ronnie, CR9 and CR7.

 5. Ronaldo does not have a Tattoo

Most celebrities and professional athletes have at least 1 tattoo representing the challenges they have overcome to achieve success. However, Ronaldo is among the few athletes who have no tattoo despite the challenges that he has been through to become the best footballer of all time. His reason for not having a tattoo is his regular habit of donating blood because people with tattoos have to wait for at least a year to donate blood.

 6. He has a Museum in his Honor

Ronaldo opened a museum in 2013 in his Madeira hometown where all his trophies and awards, numbering more than 150, are displayed. The museum has an extra room where he expects to display trophies or awards that he wins in future. Ronaldo won his first trophy when he was only 8 years old.

 7. Ronaldo’s free-kick speed is about 130km/h

From about 30 yards, Ronaldo is able to send a free kick at a speed of 130km/h. This is more than 4 times faster than the launch speed of Apollo 11. This speed, coupled with good targeting, leads to successful goal scores.

 8. Ronaldo had a Heart Condition at age 15

Though Ronaldo is among the world’s greatest athletes in great shape, he has undergone some health challenges. At age 15, Ronaldo suffered from a racing heart which made him experience inconsistent heart rates with potential of keeping him from the football fields. He underwent a heart surgery to correct the problem.

 9. Ronaldo owns a Fashion Boutique

In 2006, Ronaldo opened a fashion boutique in his hometown and another one in 2008 in Lisbon. His brand name is ‘CR7’ which are initials of his name plus his shirt number.  His boutiques sell accessories and clothes for both women and men though there are no items available for everyone. Some of the flashy items include diamond studded belts, leather pocket jeans and buckled loafers.

10. Ronaldo’s Body fat ratio is 10%

Ronaldo has a rigorous workout regime and follows a strict diet that help him keep top physical condition and maintain lower body fat than many supermodels. He has a fat ratio of 10 percent that allows him to jump, run and perform at top levels on the pitch.

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