Facts About Democracy

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Governments and countries that run democratically are widely considered as ideal and appropriate for various reasons.  One basic reason for choosing democracy is the fact that the actual power or influence actually comes from the citizens rather than on a select few.   Through representatives that are elected by the people, the various functions and tasks of any government will run.  The following are interesting facts about democracy:

Fact 1:  Most countries around the world run on a democratic form of government.  Only select countries live under authoritarian rule wherein leaders basically do whatever they want to do with the affairs of their government and people.  Powerful nations and developing nations alike have chosen democracy over other forms of political systems.

Fact 2:  Elections in the African continent have only become popular in recent times.  Elections represent the major feature of a democracy and this activity was not welcome in many African countries until in recent times. Back in the 1960s for example, violence was the main way of promoting change in government instead of having peaceful elections of government representatives.

Fact 3:  The wealthiest countries of the world run on democracy. Industrialized nations like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia among many others are considered as wealthy countries and all run on democratic governments.  Officials and leaders are given their posts by means of election.

Fact 4: More and more women are getting a bigger slice of the pie in terms of democratic positions in government. The latest data basically shows that 20% or 1 in 5 parliamentary posts for example are now occupied by elected and qualified women.

Fact 5:  Good citizenship is a result of promoting democracy.  Studies have shown that democratic forms of government can positively affect the way citizens conduct themselves among their peers or constituents.  Having their say in their country’s affairs will basically make people become more aware of their duties and tasks in terms of helping the government achieve various goals.

Fact 6:  Stability in government can be achieved through democracy. Through election of representatives and officials, government affairs are done with a sense of belongingness and responsibility which will eventually translate to healthier and more stable leadership and governments.

Fact 7:  Democracies can unfortunately lead to wasted government funds or misuse of money.  Having elected officials may provide stability in government but the system also gives the opportunity for some of these people to use the money for personal gain.  Funds in government for example may be wasted on non-essential projects or may be used for illegal purposes.

Fact 8:  Democratic political systems can also lead to the wrong people getting elected.  Incompetent and selfish people may be chosen over those who are sincere and service-oriented.

Fact 9:  Political dynasties are created by democracies.  People may have the freedom to choose who they want to vote for a particular government post but this same power can also lead to the election of powerful families that pass on political power from one generation to another.

Fact 10:  Elections in democratic countries often end up in violence.  The point of democracy may be to consider the voice of the people of any government but violence could result with different views and opinions by many of them.

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