Facts About Death Valley

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There is no need to fear at all after reading the fearful name ‘œDeath Valley,’ as this is a famous tourist location in California. You must plan a visit to this adventurous place after reading the following interesting facts about Death Valley:

Fact 1: There is no solid reason behind the name ‘œDeath Valley’ except the extremely hot climate which has a record of the  highest reported temperature in the world.

Fact 2: A very informative fact about Death Valley is its highest recorded temperature on July 10th, 1913 was 56.7 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Death Valley still holds this record.

Fact 3: Death Valley is not only a desert valley in the state of California located in the Mojave Desert of Inyo County, but it is the home of the driest and hottest places in the entirety of North America.

Fact 4: A very interesting fact about Death Valley is that it is the lowest elevation point in North America which is very close to the highest elevation point in North America called Mount Whitney.

Fact 5: Death Valley was not a desert valley in the past but was a freshwater lake named Lake Manly.

Fact 6: In terms of rainfall,  Death Valley is not a lucky place. January, 2005 was the month of the heaviest recorded rainfall with 2.59 inches, while 1929 was the driest recorded year with no rainfall.

Fact 7: No doubt, Death Valley is one of the driest and hottest places in the world, but it is lucky in terms of the flora and fauna with different species of snakes, lizards, Bobcat, deer, rodents, and mountain lions living here.

Fact 8: A very cool fact about Death valley is the presence of ‘œPubfish’ in small water reservoirs of this desert valley.

Fact 9: This place was called the ‘œDeath Valley National Monument’ in 1933 by President Hoover.

Fact 10: The year 1994 brought good news for the people who wanted to see the Death Valley a camping place. This decision was made by President Clinton’ who announced this desert valley as Death Valley National Park and it opened for the common people.

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